Specialized Repair Programs/DER

Eaton Thermal Products offers a wide variety of DER repairs designed to reduce cost and improve reliability. Eaton Thermal continues to create advancements/specialized repair techniques and solutions to complex manufacturing challenges. Offering our customers, a cost-effective alternative to new-part replacement remains the core objective of our business!

Eaton Thermal Products, differentiates itself through consistent Research & Development efforts creating innovative solutions to engineering design & manufacturing challenges. Customers are offered:

  • Improved product reliability
  • Innovative manufacturing & repair solutions
  • Reduce operator maintenance cost
  • Reduce acquisition cost
  • Reduced MTBF (mean time before failure)
  • +200 DER Specialized Repair Programs
  • Rapid Turn-Around-Time (TAT)
  • Fixed Flat Rate Price Schedules
  • 24/7 AOG
  • Customer first philosophy

When it comes to the products we support, you’ll find no better company to address your technical questions. From design engineering to manufacturing, Eaton Thermal stands ready to be of service.

*ERJ170 Heat Exchanger Illustrated

Reliable Value

NuCORE is the clear choice for value and performance in heat transfer products. Eaton Thermal offers this least-cost approach by replacing the core matrix (the part that cools) while retaining the original components. The result is a fully reliable “like-new” product at a fraction of the cost of new replacement.

NuCORE units features an entirely new vacuum-brazed core matrix, free from welding, brazing or epoxy that characterizes “repaired” cores. NuCORE delivers a “like-new” component that brings you additional confidence and longer reliability you can expect from a new part.

The various Eaton Thermal Products repair programs create a reliable, cost effective and quality repair for air carriers, operators and aircraft owners worldwide. The Repair Specification(s) afford the customer the opportunity to reduce maintenance cost while improving MTB

  • Near 100% yield on all repair orders (Reduced BER / SCRAP)
  • Like new unit with extended reliability
  • Fixed Flat Rate Price Schedules (guaranteed best value in the industry)